Parents - Pastoral Care & Community Partnerships

Pastoral Care Group

Nazareth School values the uniqueness, identity and purpose of each member of the school community. An atmosphere of care that builds relationships of trust, cooperation and partnership between all members of the school community is encouraged.

The Nazareth Pastoral Care group, who works in conjunction with the staff:

  • Are respectful of the privacy and care that is required when assisting families in crisis Coordinate meal delivery rosters
  • Offer assistance in the ‘picking up’ and taking home of students when required
  • Welcome new families that become members of the Nazareth school community through the year

School– Community Partnership

At Nazareth School we welcome the opportunity to interact with and contribute to our wider community:

  • Our students attend Parish ‘Healing Masses’ twice a year with the unwell and elderly
  • Nazareth Choir visits to Community Groups to entertain with vocal performance
  • Student Leadership led – School/Parish ANZAC Day Service
  • Student Leadership -  coordinating fund raising activities that support Social Justice initiatives across local, national and international issues