Our School - An Overview

Nazareth Primary School is a co-educational Catholic school situated in Grovedale. It aims to be the first choice for families in the Grovedale region seeking Catholic Education.

The school was established in 1979 and is situated on five acres. The staff and parents strive to live out the core values of our Vision Statement,

'A nurturing faith community, striving for excellence in learning as we shape our future together'.

The fundamental core belief that underpins the Teaching and Learning philosophy at Nazareth is that there is a significant relationship between social and emotional well-being and academic achievement. Children engage and learn best when their social-emotional balance is positive.

Modern, major refurbished facilities, including a new multi-purpose hall, support the quality, personalised learning that each child engages in.

An extensive curriculum, including the specialist areas of Italian, library and music is offered across all year levels in order to promote a well rounded, quality primary education.

Contemporary resources in Information Technology are utilised within all areas of our curriculum.

Our current Principal is Mrs Dena Reddan. Her appointment commenced in 2018.

The Parish Church is situated within the school grounds beside the school. Our Parish Priest is Fr Linh Tran.

Nazareth 2016 Annual Report to the School Community